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RC-300 Right hand drive two doors electric car

Short Description:

Size L*W*H 2960*1480*1500 (mm)
Vehicle Control System 60V
Battery Capacity Lead Acid Battery  100AH
Motor Power 3500W
Maximum Speed 45-50 km/h
Traveling Range 80-100 km
Gear Number 3/D/N/R
Tyre Size 155/65R13

Product Detail

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Main Features

1.Rotary gear switch with 3 Gear(D/N/R).

2.Smart display panel to display the current speed, vehicle mileage and battery capacity .

3.Multimedia touch screen with local video player ,music player,Google Maps, back up camera.

4.Rear seats can be folded freely to offer large space for storage needed.

5.Combination headlight with clearance lamp, dipped beam, steering lamp.

6.Combination tail lamp with clearance lamp, stop lamp.

7.Water-proof built-in Charger socket with auto power off fully charge and over voltage protection.

8.Super space cockpit with right hand steering, PU seats, read lamp, sun shield and cup holder.


Gore uses polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) as its breathable membrane material. The material's unique microstructure makes it particularly suitable for waterproof and breathable applications. The raw material of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is stretched by a specially designed process, and the resulting breathable membrane has very small micropores, and the nodes in the micropores are connected to each other by fibers. The resulting material is called expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (or ePTFE). The low surface tension of this material makes it extremely hydrophobic (waterproof), which means that any water droplets that fall on its surface It is impossible to pass through this breathable membrane structure. This film is also oleophobic (oil resistance) and will repel liquids with low surface tension, such as oil. The oleophobicity of expanded polytetrafluoroethylene (ePPFE) is extremely important for applications in the automotive industry, because the possibility of automotive parts coming into contact with engine oil, detergent or other automotive liquids is very high.

Gore tested the resistance of its waterproof and breathable solutions to up to 20 different chemicals (according to the ISO 16750-5 standard). In the test, waterproof and breathable products are placed in each test liquid and kept at room temperature (21 to 23°C) for 24 hours, or heated in an oven for 96 hours. Before and after the test, air permeability and water permeability are measured. The results of these two parameters must be within the specified range, as shown in Figure 3.

Test result: The value below the black horizontal line indicates that the corresponding chemical has damaged the breathable membrane. The tested breathable membrane only has limited protection ability when it is immersed in preservatives or preservatives, but for all other tested chemicals, the test results meet the specified standards.

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Package Solution

1.Shipping way can be by sea, by truck(Central Asia, Southeast Asia), by train( Central Asia, Russia). LCL or Full Container.

2.For LCL, the vehicles package by steel frame and plywood. For full container will loading into container directly, then fixed four wheels on the ground.

3.Container loading quantity, 20 ft: 2 sets, 40 ft: 5 sets.


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