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What the featured electric vehicles your company have please?

A: Electric Car, RHD Electric car, Electric Golf Cart and Electric Sightseeing Car. 

What type of electric car you have?

A: For electric car, we both have low speed car with lead acid battery and high speed car with lithium batteryLeft hand drive car and right hand drive car.

What the maximum speed of your electric car?

A: Max.speed can be 100-100km/h.

What the driving distance of the electric car after full charge?

A: We have many different versions with different battery capacity 100AH, 120AH, 160AH,240AH,320AH. The traveling range can be 120km, 180km, 260km, 300km, 400km.

What type of Electric golf cart you have please?

A: For golf cart we have two seats, four seats and six seats, grass tire and off road tire, low end with simple function and high end quality with luxury functions to meet different client needs.

How many kilometers can the electric golf cart car drive, what the driving speed?

A: The electric golf cart adopt 48V battery, can driving about 80-100 km one time. Driving speed is 30 km/h setting in the factory, but can adjusted at the range of 20-40 km/h according to the client requirement.

How to charging the electric car, if there are any notice during the charge?

A: All electric vehicles including on board charger along with the car.

The power output should be Single phase 110V or 220V, should charge 6-8 hours once the battery run out. The charging will be finish automatically once the battery is full.

What about the warranty?

A: The whole electric car have 12 months warranty, company can offer replacement parts for free during the warranty.

What kind of payment terms you can accept please?

A: We can accept the payment terms with T/T, L/C and Alibaba Trade Assurance online.

What kindly transportation solutions you can offer please?

A: For different vehicles, we offer different solutions to save package space.

Two layer or three layer package for golf cart and vintage car.

Slant package for electric car with steel frame.

Well fixed the vehicles by rope and inflated bag inside the container.

Can be delivery by sea, by truck, by train.