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EC-308 Four seats electric suv car for adult

Short Description:

Size L*W*H 3000*1580*1600 (mm)
Vehicle Control System 60V
Battery Capacity Lead Acid Battery  100AH
Motor Power 3000W
Maximum Speed 40-45 km/h
Traveling Range 90-120 km
Seating Capacity 4 Seats/ 5 Doors
Tyre Size 155/70

Product Detail

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Main Features

1.Five doors four seats, rear seats can be folded.

2.Rotary Gear Switch with with 3 Gear(D/N/R).

3.Smart display panel to display the current speed, vehicle mileage and battery capacity .

4.Adjustable seat belt to offer good protection of personal safety.

5.Dual Electric Control Window,can open the window easily, provide comfortable and convenient driving experience.

6.Rearview Mirror can be folded freely after parking to make sure no damage.

7.Water-proof on board Charger socket with auto power off fully charge and over voltage protection.

8.Battery option of free maintenance 100AH Lead acid batteries or lithium batteries with large electricity capacity.

9.Imitation leather (PU) mater seats.

10.Instrument Panel including front/back signal, light,trumpet, dump energy, current speed display.

11.Lighting System including Combined type front light and back light,braking light,front and back turning light.

12.Switch System including Light switch,main power switch,electric horn,wiper switch.

13.Entertainment System Digital LCD panel, MP3 Player,USB Port,Backup Camera.

14.Car Body Color can be customized at the client requirement then.

15.Drive System is Rear-drive type,Controller adjusted automatically.

16.Automatic adjustment rack and pinion direction Steering System

17.Front Axle and Suspension Integral front bridge suspension

18.Back Axle and Suspension Integral front bridge suspension

Common failure modes

1. Imbalance

Most lead-acid batteries are not used alone, but are used together. If one or two of the batteries fall behind in each group of batteries, it can cause other good ones to be unable to be used normally. This is called imbalance.

2. Water loss

In the process of battery charging, the electrolysis of water will occur to produce oxygen and hydrogen, so that the water is lost in the form of hydrogen and oxygen, so it is also called gassing. Water plays a very important role in the electrochemical system of the battery. The reduction of the amount of water will reduce the ion activity involved in the reaction, and the reduction of the contact area between sulfuric acid and the lead plate will increase the internal resistance of the battery, increase the polarization, and ultimately lead to the decrease of the battery capacity. .

3. Irreversible sulfation

When the battery is over-discharged and stored in a discharged state for a long time, its negative electrode will form a coarse lead sulfate crystal that is difficult to accept charging. This phenomenon is called irreversible sulfation. Slight irreversible sulfation can still be recovered by some methods; in severe cases, the electrode will fail and cannot be charged.

4, the plate is softened

The electrode plate is a material with multiple voids, which has a much larger specific surface area than the electrode plate itself. During the repeated charge and discharge cycles of the battery, as the different materials on the electrode plate alternately change, the electrode plate void ratio will gradually increase. Decrease, in terms of appearance, is that the surface of the positive plate gradually changes from the firmness at the beginning to the softness until it becomes a paste. At this time, due to the decrease of the surface area, the battery capacity will decrease. High-current charging and discharging, and over-discharging will accelerate the softening of the plate.

5, short circuit

In the circuit, if the current does not flow through the electrical appliances, but is directly connected to the two poles of the power supply, the power supply is short-circuited. Because the resistance of the wire is very small, the current on the circuit will be very large when the power supply is short-circuited. Such a large current will not be able to withstand the battery or other power sources, and it will cause damage to the power supply. What is more serious is that because the current is too large, the temperature of the wire will rise, which may cause a fire in severe cases.

6, open the way

It means that because a certain part of the circuit is disconnected and the resistance is too large, the current cannot pass through normally, resulting in zero current in the circuit. The voltage across the interruption point is the power supply voltage, which generally does not damage the circuit. If it is possible that the wire is broken, or the electrical appliance (such as the filament in the bulb is broken) is disconnected from the circuit, etc.

Details Show

EC-308 Electric Car (7)
EC-308 Electric Car (8)

Package Solution

1.Shipping way can be by sea, by truck(Central Asia, Southeast Asia), by train( Central Asia, Russia). LCL or Full Container.

2.For LCL, the vehicles package by steel frame and plywood. For full container will loading into container directly, then fixed four wheels on the ground.

3.Container loading quantity, 20 ft: 2 sets, 40 ft: 5 sets.


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