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New energy electric vehicles three main parts including: power battery, motor and motor controller system. Today, let’s talk about the motor controller.

In terms of definition, according to GB / T18488.1-2015《 drive motor systems for electric vehicles Part 1: technical conditions》, motor controller: a device for controlling energy transmission between power supply and drive motor, which is composed of control signal interface circuit, drive motor control circuit and drive circuit.

Functionally, the new energy electric car controller converts the DC of the power battery of the new energy electric vehicle into the AC of the driving motor, and communicates with the vehicle controller through the communication system to control the speed and power required by the vehicle.

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From the outside to the inside, the first step: from the outside, the motor controller is an aluminum box, a low-voltage connector, a high-voltage bus connector composed of two holes, a three-phase connector connected to the motor composed of three holes (multiple in one connector without three-phase connector), one or more vent valves and two water inlet and outlet. Generally, there are two cover plates on the aluminum box, including a large cover plate and a wiring cover plate. The large cover plate can fully open the controller. The wiring cover plate is used when connecting the controller bus connector and three-phase connector.

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Electric Car Controller System Outlook

From the inside, opening the cover of the controller is the internal structural parts and electronic components of the whole motor controller. For some controllers, when opening the cover, the cover opening protection switch will be placed at the wiring cover according to the needs of customers.

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Electric Car Controller System Internal Structure

Post time: Feb-23-2022