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Do new energy vehicles also need regular maintenance like traditional fuel vehicles? The answer is yes. For the maintenance of new energy vehicles, it is mainly for the maintenance of motor and battery. It is necessary to conduct routine inspection on motor and battery of vehicles and keep them clean at all times. For new energy vehicles, in addition to the daily maintenance of motor and battery, the following aspects should be noted.

(1) In case of fire, the vehicle shall be pulled over quickly, the power shall be cut off, and the specific fire conditions shall be distinguished with the help of on-board fire extinguisher to extinguish the fire. The fire of new energy vehicles generally refers to the electrical fire in the engine room when the vehicle is running, which mainly includes out of control component temperature, motor controller failure, poor wire connector, and damaged insulation layer of energized wires. This requires regular inspection of the vehicle to check whether all components are normal, whether they need to be replaced or repaired, and avoid going on the road with danger.

(2) The backing of new energy vehicles is a very important part of electric vehicles, which must be treated with care. When passing through uneven roads, slow down to avoid backing collision. In case of failure of the backing, emergency measures should be taken. The specific operations are as follows: check whether the appearance of the car battery has changed. If there is no change, you can continue to drive on the road, but you must drive carefully and observe at any time. In case of damage or failure to start the car, you need to call for road rescue and wait for rescue in a safe area.

(3) The charging of new energy vehicles should be kept shallow. When the vehicle power is close to 30%, it should be charged in time to avoid battery life loss due to long-term low power driving.

(4) The vehicle shall be maintained regularly according to the regulations on new energy vehicle maintenance. If the vehicle is to be parked for a long time, the vehicle power shall be kept between 50% – 80%, and the vehicle battery shall be charged and discharged every 2-3 months to extend the battery life.

(5) It is forbidden to disassemble, install, modify or adjust the electric vehicle privately.

Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles still have many similarities in driving operation. It is very easy for a veteran of traditional fuel vehicles to drive new energy vehicles. But just because of this, the driver should not be careless. Before using the car, be sure to be familiar with the car, and be skilled in gear shifting, braking, parking and other operations to ensure the safety of your life and property and that of others!

Post time: Feb-09-2023