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Through the cultivation of the whole industrial chain of electric vehicles over the years, all links have gradually matured. Rich and diversified new energy vehicle products continue to meet the market demand, and the use environment is gradually optimized and improved. Electric vehicles are more and more recognized by consumers.So what are the advantages and disadvantages of pure electric vehicles?

Raysince Latest model high speed electric car with speed 100km per hour.


of electric cars. Although the strength has been reduced, they can also obtain some benefits. For example, in terms of taxes and fees, the reduction or exemption is a great support for the people.
Electric vehicles are driven by power batteries and motors. When they work, they will not cause waste gas and exhaust pollution. It can be said to be almost “zero pollution”
Low noise electric vehicles do not make noise like transmission vehicles, and the noise caused by them is almost negligible.
Disadvantages of Electric Car

Because few people use electric car, the cost of electric vehicle repair will be relatively high. Once there is any problem, it needs to be maintained immediately.

Short traveling range: most new energy electric car have a range of about 150-200km. In addition to weather, road conditions, batteries and other factors, the actual range is about 150-180 km. You need to plan your route before you drive out, or you should check the battery capacity and charge the electric car timely.  That’s may troublesome for some Electric car owners
In any case, China electric cars are a trend. It is believed that the electric vehicle technology will be more mature and stable in the near future.

Post time: Dec-27-2021