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Many owners of new energy vehicles believe that there is only one battery inside the electric vehicle, which is used to power and drive the vehicle. In fact, it is not. The battery of new energy vehicles is divided into two parts, one is a high-voltage battery pack, and the other is an ordinary 12 volt battery pack. The high-voltage battery pack is used to power the power system of new energy vehicles, while the small battery is responsible for starting the vehicle, driving computer, power supply of instrument panel and other electrical equipment.

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Therefore, when the small battery has no electricity, even if the high-voltage battery pack has electricity or sufficient electricity, the electric car will not start. When we use the electric equipment in the new energy vehicle when the vehicle stops, the small battery will run out of electricity. So, how to charge the small battery of new energy vehicles if it doesn’t have electricity?

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1. When the small battery has no electricity at all, we can only remove the battery, fill it with a charger, and then install it on the electric car.

2.If the new energy vehicle can still be started, we can drive the electric vehicle for dozens of kilometers. During this period, the high-voltage battery pack will charge the small battery.

3.The last case is to choose the same remedial method as that of ordinary fuel car battery. Find a battery or car to power up the small battery without electricity, and then charge the small battery with the high-voltage battery of the electric car during driving.

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It should be noted that if the small battery does not have electricity, you must not use the high-voltage battery pack in the new energy vehicle for power connection, because there is high-voltage electricity in it. If it is operated by non professionals, there may be a risk of electric shock.

Post time: Mar-22-2022