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On June 17, 2024, we received an African friend who had been living in China for 6 years. We were immediately amazed by his Fluent Chinese. We communicated in Chinese without any obstacles. He told us that he studied in Beijing and have been living in Beijing for six years.






We took the customer to visit our E4 electric car, and as soon as he saw the E4, he couldn't wait to take out his phone to shoot.







The manager was explaining the E4 electric car to the customer, and the customer listened very carefully.








The customer can't wait to test drive.







After personally experiencing it,the customer said that it was completely different from the feeling of gasoline car,and our electric cars were easier to operate and started faster, which brought him a new experienc.

加纳客户试驾照片 (2)





He said that he was very satisfied with electric cars of Raysince and would consider cooperating with Raysince.





He had a great experience in Qingdao this time, but he could not stay for a long time due to schedule reasons. He will come again,and looking forward to cooperating with us.

Post time: Jun-18-2024