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Electric vehicle, as a new energy vehicle, become the first choice of many people, because of no oil consumption and environmental protection. Compared with traditional fuel vehicles, there are many differences in energy supply methods, warnings and skills between them, so what should we pay attention to when using new energy vehicles? And how to maximize battery life?

Let’s check the following tips!

Instructions for electric vehicles

1.  Do not refer to the vehicle range parameters completely.

The vehicle mileage is generally tested in a relatively ideal and constant environment, which is different from the daily use environment. When the electric vehicle has 40 to 50 kilometers left to go, the battery consumption speed will be significantly accelerated. It is recommended that the car owner must charge the battery in time, otherwise it will not only be detrimental to battery maintenance, but also cause the car to break down on the way.

Tips (1)

In addition to the electric motor, turning on the air conditioner for a long time in summer will also reduce the driving mileage. You can pay attention to summarizing the power consumption ratio of your car when using it, so that you can carefully calculate your travel plan!

2. Pay attention to the temperature and cooling system of the battery pack

Extra care needs to be taken for air-cooling and water-cooling system of the battery during driving in summer. If the cooling system fault light is on, it shall be inspected and repaired at the maintenance point as soon as possible.

The maximum allowable temperature of the battery during charging is 55 ℃. In case of extreme high temperature environment, avoiding charging or charging after cooling. If the temperature exceeds 55 ℃ during driving, stopping the vehicle in time and asking the vehicle supplier before handling.

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3. Reduce sudden acceleration and sudden braking as far as possible

In hot weather, avoiding frequent variable speed driving in a short time. Some electric vehicles have the function of electric energy feedback. During driving, rapid acceleration or deceleration will impact the battery. In order to improve the battery life, it is recommended that the electric car owner drive steadily without competition.

 4. Avoid long-term parking under low battery

The power battery is sensitive to temperature. At present, the operating temperature range of lithium battery is -20 ℃ ~ 60 ℃. When the ambient temperature exceeds 60 ℃, there is a risk of overheating combustion and explosion. Therefore, do not charge in the sun in hot weather, and do not charge immediately after driving. This will increase the loss and service life of the battery and charger.

 Tips (2)

5. Do not stay in the electric vehicle while charging

During the charging process, some car owners like to sit in the car and have a rest. We suggest that you try not to do so. Because there is high voltage and current in the charging process of electric vehicles, although the probability of accidents is very low, for the sake of safety first, try not to sit in the vehicle during charging.

Tips (2)6. Reasonable arrangement of charging, discharging overcharging, overcharging and undercharging will shorten the service life of the battery to a certain extent. Generally, the average charging time of automobile batteries is about 10 hours. The batteries are fully discharged once a month and then fully charged, which is conducive to “activating” the batteries and improving their service life.

7. Select charging points that meet national standards

When charging your car, you must use a charging pile that meets the national standard, and use the original charger and charging line to prevent the current from damaging the battery, causing short circuit or causing car on fire .

Electric car charger tips:

1. Children are not allowed to touch the charging pile.

2. Please keep away from fireworks, dust and corrosive occasions when installing the charging pile.

3. Do not disassemble the charging point during use.

4. The output of the charging pile is high voltage. Pay attention to personal safety when using it.

5. During the normal operation of the charging pile, do not disconnect the circuit breaker at will or press the emergency stop switch.

6. The faulty charging point may cause electric shock and even death. In case of special circumstances, please immediately press the emergency stop switch to disconnect the charging pile from the power grid, and then ask professionals. Do not operate without authorization.

7. Do not put gasoline, generator and other emergency equipment in the vehicle, which not only does not help the rescue, but also causes danger. It is more secure to carry the original portable charger with the vehicle.

8. Do not charge in thunderstorm. Never charge the battery when it rains and thunders, so as to avoid lightning strike and combustion accident. When parking, try to choose a place without ponding to avoid soaking the battery in water.

9. Do not put lighter, perfume, air freshener and other inflammable and explosive materials in the car to avoid irreparable losses.

Post time: Jul-05-2022