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GCM-1200 Electric Golf Cart with Two Seats

Short Description:

Size L*W*H 2350*1200*1850 (mm)
Vehicle Control System 60V
Battery Capacity Lead Acid,12V*5PCS,100AH
Motor Power 3000W
Maximum Speed 25-30 km/h
Traveling Range 80-90 km
Tyre Size 18X8.5-8
Climbing Capacity 25%

Product Detail

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Main Features

1.60V Inbol intelligent controller system.

2.Hanpuda 3000W alternator motor.

3.Two seats with safety belts,make sure the passenger comfortable and safe.

4.Big battery capacity and long service life,good temperature resistance,quick and efficient battery charge.

5.Excellent hill climbing and parking ability.

6.Leather steering wheel,easy to operate, function area clearly.

7.Digital LCD Panel to show front and rear light, Speed, Battery remaining capacity.

8.Vacuum tyre with aluminum wheel, Skid resistance and durable, make sure vehicle running stable and comfortable.

9.Antique design with high beams,can driving during the night.

10.Independent suspension system.

11.Very strong chassis system make sure the great loading capacity.

12.New and stylish design on the outlook and more popular.

13.Good service on after sales service and wearing parts.

14.Its ideal for Golf Course, Tourist Area,Villa,Amusement Park,Holiday Village,Air port

15.Optional: Rear seats, Rear cargo box, Ice box, Golf bag holder,Rain Cover, Sunshine Curtain.

Safe use

Many people have encountered battery swelling. Generally, mobile phone batteries that have been used for a long time are easy to swell, and everyone knows that battery swelling is very dangerous, and electric vehicle batteries are no exception. But do you know the reason for the bulging of electric vehicle batteries? If you don't know yet, let me know about it with the editor.

1. The safety valve pressure is too high

In order to ensure safety, electric vehicle batteries will have a safety valve. When the pressure in the electric vehicle battery rises, the safety valve will automatically open, after all, to relieve the pressure, so as to ensure the normal use of the battery. When the pressure in the battery rises, but the safety valve cannot be opened, a bulging situation will occur.

2. The charging current is too large

Under normal circumstances, electric vehicle batteries produced by regular manufacturers have a certain charging current value, and because of various reasons, excessive voltage and excessive charging current can easily lead to excessive precipitation on the electrode plate, and then Lead to insufficient chemical reaction. At the same time, if the temperature in the battery rises quickly but the exhaust is not timely, bulging will naturally occur.

3, series overcharge

Some electric vehicle batteries are used in series, which can have more capacitance, and when the batteries in series are charged too much, it will also cause poor gas recombination in the battery, resulting in bulging.

4, the battery is unqualified

If the battery is not designed to avoid the company's transformation, it will cause excessive pressure in the body and the battery will bulge.

The above four are the common causes of battery bulging in electric vehicles. To avoid battery bulging, in addition to mastering the reasons for the bulging, two more points should be paid attention to:

5, check the battery frequently

No matter how good the battery is, it cannot withstand the toss of use, especially many people do not pay special attention to maintenance when riding an electric bike. Rugged roads, frequent sudden braking, excessive load, etc. will cause the battery to be damaged, and often check the battery. , On the one hand, to ensure the normal operation of the battery, on the other hand, to protect your personal safety and avoid unexpected situations.

6, choose branded products

Investigation and research show that 80% of Chinese people will habitually buy cheap products when they buy things, and cheap products are rarely cost-effective. Therefore, the service life is usually not very high, and the failure rate is usually not high. But it will be very high. In this regard, the editor recommends that it is best to have good quality products, and not to be cheap and suffer big losses. At present, the brand of electric vehicle batteries with a good reputation in China is Xupai Battery.

Golf Cart Application

Golf  (1)
Golf  (2)
Golf  (3)
Golf  (4)

Package Solution

1.Shipping way can be by sea, by truck(Central Asia, Southeast Asia), by train( Central Asia, Russia). LCL or Full Container.

2.For LCL, the vehicles package by steel frame and plywood. For full container will loading into container directly, then fixed four wheels on the ground.

3.Container loading quantity, 20 ft: 8 sets, 40 ft: 24 sets.

Electric Golf Cart (4)
Electric Golf Cart (3)
Electric Golf Cart (2)
Electric Golf Cart (1)

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